20th International Masterclasses in Bruges (Belgium) from 19th till 28th of July 2014

380f83e0-ffd0-41b6-abb7-aeea8811c69eWhat could be more romantic than to walk along its channels in the twilight. ! The city is surrounded by water. After the duke of Burgundy, it went to Spanishs who left there architectural signs of their presence during several centuries.  It is there that Musica-Reservata, International Masterclasses has been installed since 19 years !! Come and  share ten dream days, listening to the others or playing yourself, whatever you are professional, or amateur !  Our guest teachers are all great international solists. Concerts given during the master class will inspire you…You will remember this week for a long time, after this stay surrounded by nature and with the classical music for companion. You will meet music lovers from 12 to 60 or even more… You will be able to work at your rythm, to discuss, attend the concerts of the professors and to end the evening at the foot of the belfry on the Market place… Live this unique experiment with us !!! Bruges is expecting you!
Musica Reservata

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